Chihuahua skeleton made from typewriter parts


I’ve heard that, on those days and places where the fabric of reality that insulates our world is at its thinnest, this things hunts.

If it consumes enough flesh to cover its bones it earns another lifetime as a tiny alien dog. Otherwise, it goes silent and cold until its next chance to try.


I’d like to see this the other way round…

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A typewriter made out of chihuahua parts?
Bloody thing would shake, bite your fingers, and leak ink on the rug…


This article was a little disappointing, but only because my brain parsed the RSS heading as “Cthulhu skeleton made from typewriter parts”. That also needs to be a thing.


Can you still ‘see’ THE BOX?

Does Cthulhu even have a skeleton?


Not if it is a medusozoa life form? Still looks hilarious in a Santa sleigh/slay.

Four posts too derail the original topic. That’s fair too Midland.

Exactly. I always thought he was some sort of giant squid. Which means no skeleton but the possibility of real bad-ass calamari.

If he was some sort of cuttlefish he’d have a cuttlebone but I don’t think that would qualify as skeleton.

Maybe this discussion should be continued at ‘The Octopus News Magazine Online’. Yes, that’s a thing:

William Holz spoke of a similar topic back when…of course I would say sting not ring.

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