Lobstercycle made from discarded shells


Why not Zoidberg?


Or Cronenberg.


Steven King got a lot of mileage out of the term ‘lobstrosity’ in book 2 of the Dark Tower…

So with apologies to everyone: This lob mileage Lobstercycle is a reasonable choice for the average commuter; the lightweight chitinous faring is far butter then our competitors…claw power at your fingertips. Hand made to order for only the upper Crust,Asian manufacture…

“It’s a Shell of a Town!”

For some reason I’m reminded of the late Iain M Banks’ bone chair ex Use of Weapons.

Why no one has posted this yet?

You just beat me to it, damn you!

I suspect that Chitin makes a dubious replacement for steel in high temperature applications (engine blocks, say); but how does it stack up against thin sheet steel or various synthetic polymers for things like body panels, or even structural elements with suitably geometry(eg. a box/tube type beam, a bar of bulk Chitin would probably be pretty inefficient)?

I’m sure we don’t currently have the techniques to produce and shape the stuff nearly as efficiently, if at all, as more conventional materials; but chitinous hull plating would be way cooler than any normal vehicle paint choices…

Red 'Lectroids ! Pure bad-assery from the 8th dimension !!!

Gruesome, ugly and horrid.
Playing with dead animals is just wrong.

Is that particular truth Evident By the Natural Light of Reason, and thus not in need of explanation?

How does one get their claws on that?

When we want to illustrate that a horror monster/demon/alien/mass-murderer is the most vile, evil creature imaginable, we do it by showing them making artwork from the bodies of their dead victims.

It would be bad enough if the space-aliens took over and started using us as food/batteries/slaves whatever. At least that is rational exploitation. But when they start building gory things with our corpses just for fun … that’s going too far.

I get what you are saying, but what do you think about leather belts, shoes and apparel? Fur coats?

To be fair, he’s not “playing with dead animals,” he’s making art from their skeletons.

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