Skinless CT scanners are wonderfully science-fictional


Little bit of context here: This isn’t how a CT scanner is designed to operate, this is a break-in-test. The CT rotates A LOT slower than this.


That’s reassuring. Then again, it’s pretty reassuring to consider that if it should suffer a catastrophic integrity failure, at least all of the pieces should be hurtling away from you.

That looks like it would be incredibly difficult to balance (unlike a tire, which is much more uniform) for smooth operation.

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Woo! I kept expecting to see stars, or alternate realities, or the past through the hole.

If they just left the cover off I bet they would not have to tell people to keep still.


If you pause at 1:45, zoom and enhance to see a pyramid. This is a 4-sided pyramid where 1 side is sidereal day other 3 sides are G-D|Country|Constitution days as 4 simultaneous Earth Rotation Days. No man on Earth has no belly-button, this is a Fact. The belly-button is the signature of your sidereal-day-birth, where you start on the hexadecimic-zodiacal Axis, the Truth as the CT-scanner reveals All Belly-Button signatures. All-One, or none! Replace half-true Socialist-fluoride poison & tax-slavery with full-truth, work-speech-press & profitsharing Socialaction! All-One!


no event horizon? fail.

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Obviously this device is for resurrecting dead on planet Jupiter, but where are the deadly gangster Frankenstein controls?


How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

Alternatively put down the copy of Illuminatus and no one gets hurt


I’m in awe.

It doesn’t even need a durable outer casing to prevent fallapart.

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It was a terrible, indescribable thing vaster than 57 Galaxies a shapeless congeries of 3D-printed bubbles, faintly self-luminous, smelling of cheap ABS plastic, and with myriads of extruded eyes forming and unforming as pustules of greenish light all over the tunnel-filling front that bore down on us, crushing the frantic hackers and slithering over the glistening tesselated floor that it and its kind had swept so evilly free of all litter. Still came that eldritch, mocking cry: ‘Impeach Clinton! Impeach Bush! Information wants to be Free!’"

Woah! Is that your van on Pacific Ave., in downtown Santa Cruz? (I recognize some of that riff)

I am unaware of any such van - nor would I be disposed to discuss such a van if it did in fact exist.

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The van is a lie.

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I meant no van.

I merely posed a little academic surveillance theory.

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All except for the ones that bounce off the floor.

At your service, rain or shine!

Very curiously, the Discontinuity is only visible from one side of the assembly. Viewers on the other side see a spatially normal tube.

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