Giant "void" detected in Great Pyramid


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“…not expected as far as I know by any sort of theory.” ?? duh. people have been saying that for 4k yrs, check youtube for more than one version.



That’s so beautiful…Though I didn’t know there were any robots who enjoyed such things.

I mean, look at it dance, bro. It clearly knows that it’s a good time to bust a move.


Perhaps time is going backwards in it, and it’s reached the point at which the stone hadn’t been put there yet. Better try to cap it and flare it off.


UFO parking space


[insert Ben Carson joke here]



That’s redundant, isn’t it?



Good thinking. I understand they do that in Djelibeybi with great effect.


Could we instead insert ben carson, there?


Muography is a technique where you measure cosmic rays passing through an object. I’m sure it’s real sciencey, but it sounds like some nonsense you do with crystals and magnets.


@beschizza, I suggest a headline change.

Researchers use muons from cosmic ray’s collision with our atmosphere to scan thousands of tons of impenetrable ancient rock

Ok, that’s a bit long.

What about When cosmic rays hit our atmosphere, archeologists hit one of the most impenetrable secrets?

Watcha think of Star Trek-like scanning techniques make the Great Pyramid transparent?

I could go on like this for a while…

ETA: @hungryjoe, you beat me by minutes. Space ray muons madness. I wants to do science to it!


Just hop in your orgone accumulator and get started, then!


And hippie chicks :wink:



Yes, and cocaine too, quite right!

(never tried the stuff, seen too many people on it)


I’m not saying it’s a Xenomorph breeding pit, but it’s definitely a Xenomorph breeding pit.


It’s a god-shaped hole, right?