I am tired of people building large backyard pyramids the wrong way


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I remember seeing an add in a 1960’s playboy for a matching pyramid shaped hat and cod piece that focused your potency. I can only imagine what happens when you put those on in a backyard pyramid. Freaken LASER’s, I imagine.


As I recall, “pyramid power” was supposed to keep your razor blades sharp.


For more on the Hardys, their pyramid (entrance is from below so as not to disturb the vortex) and their story of alien abduction…


Building a pyramid is the easy way out. I prefer to build a ginormous underground cube and only leave one corner exposed.


Absolutely! Or at least it makes you feel as if they’re sharp. Also, it is a proven fact that people who sleep inside a pyramid feel smarter, unless the mummy gets them.


So they built a pyramid for their three year old some 20+ years ago, and then…

We have this bank building in Tucson…



And don’t even get me STARTED on where the lasers get focused . . .

A great example of someone who didn’t send off for this guy’s plans. I bet that architect feels like a fool now.


No way, it’s a great example of resource management. It’s the result of starting the original pyramid too low on the other side of the earth. The lasers and mirrors combine to immediately beam into the top half.

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Wait. Do you need separate pyramids for the Cosmic light, and the Etheric light? Say you could only afford one pyramid (for now): would you recommend the Cosmic one, or the Etheric one?

(Asking for a friend.)


It was Wilhelm Reich, a former disciple of Freud, who postulated “orgone energy” which could be concentrated inside a pyramid built with layers of specific materials. He maintained that it could really enhance your sexy, sexy times. He got all tangled up with the FDA and ended up in prison. Here is an article about him. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_Reich

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Apparently, when Luis Alvarez, et al., spent a couple of years in the early 1970s using neutrino detectors to look for hidden chambers in the Great Pyramids (there were no new chambers discovered), some joker on the team decided to test a few claims of pyramid power, then all the rage – that it would resharpen razor blades or prevent food from rotting or whatever else. They figured if they had unfettered access to the pyramid that was supposed the source of all this pyramid power, they might as well put that theory to a test. So there was a little station there in the pyramid for this study for a couple of years.

Of course, no effect was expected and none was measured.


So that explains why Bass Pro Shops now run the Memphis Pyramid - to save on sharpening costs!


Hey, now, don’t go mixin’ up yer Pyramid Power with yer Vortex Energy, or the ghost of Viktor Schauberger might come after y’all in a flying hat.

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Holy crap.

I feel like taking up bass fishing so I have an excuse to go to that place.

Whichever one will keep your lawn alive since it’s blocked off from sunlight, I reckon. So, etheric, I guess.

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As opposed to what, sub-etheric light?