Ben Carson has nutty theories about the Egyptian pyramids


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Ben Carson admits fabricating West Point scholarship

What non-nutty theories does he have?


what a crackpot. no one needs to maintain the sharpness of grain.


Not sure if that beats the ‘Prison make you gay’ theory or not.


Is he for ending the drug war, or does he support the incredible proliferation of homosexuality?


Let’s be fair, though. Isn’t this exactly what people used to say the pyramids were for – acting as a granary for every city in the kingdom? It’s only in the last decade that we decided they were for allowing different government civics, or more recently for improving construction speed.


Well, notable archaeologist Sid Meier proposed that granary theory in his seminal work, Civilization 2:


Is now the time we tell him about the ancient Egyptian grain silos? Because I feel like he should hear about those from someone.


Those were for storing dead Pharaohs, silly.


Has anyone considered the possibility that this blog was created as a grain storage device, rather than by space aliens for inscrutable purposes as so many believe?


“Ben Carson has nutty theories…”

No need to read any more.


I thought the creation myth for Boing Boing was happy mutants all the way down.


In law, an alien is a person who resides within the borders of a country and is not a national of that country.

The archaeologists telling you about those silos are not native-Egyptians. In other words, aliens.


It doesn’t. Someone with no background in archaeology putting forth their own vague ideas about an ancient civilization doesn’t carry a lot of weight, but when a neurosurgeon insists there’s no biological basis for homosexuality the idea gets more credence than it deserves.


His “personal theories” about archeology are about as valid as an archeologist’s personal theories about brain surgery. In other words “I haven’t studied this at all, but I think I know more than someone who has a degree.”

Not only does he have no experience with archeology, but (like the other GOP front runner) he has no experience with elected office, even at the local level, so I don’t understand how people think he will be at all effective as President.


No, originally it was allowing different government types. Then grain storage, then government again, and finally construction.


In Civilization II, building the Pyramids automatically puts a granary in every city.

I’m not saying Carson’s right. I am saying he played a lot of Civ in the mid-90s.


Pretty sure this is why people think he will be effective. Anti-establishment is the watchphrase, and nothing is more anti-establishment than having no idea what you are doing at all.


I want to take this post out behind the middle school and get it pregnant.


Has anyone explained to Ben Carson that opinions are like assholes, and he is an asshole?

The end.

(fuck this guy)