What exactly is hidden in the pyramids?


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Pet Cemetary?


Another, more smaller, pyramid.


LOL… thank you for posting that. That made my morning. I repeat: LOL.


From the looks of that photo, I’d say they’ve found an amazing technicolor dreamcoat.


The Somewhat Less Great Pyramid of Khufu’s Kid Brother.


pyramids, all the way down.


I actually wouldn’t be surprised. Mesoamerican pyramids were often built on top of older, smaller pyramids. (Seriously, who wants to start from scratch if you don’t have to? Those rocks were HEAVY.)


It’s a categorically unanswerable question. If I know what it is, then it is, by definition, not hidden.


Ben Carson says it is full of grain.


Someday my grandchildren will ask me, “Grandpa, how did the zombie apocalypse start?”


It’s the mop closet. They needed one, since the great pyramid is a water pump. I’ve never been in a pump house where there wasn’t water on the floor.


Every time that I see that image, my brain registers a KKK member lifting his dress to take a leak…

Can see his eyes cold little dinger and cold legs (I assume that they are cold because he is lifting his dress)


I was excited about this because of the scans they are doing in King Tut’s tomb. But looking a this it seems like it’s a particulary significant difference, and opposed to a presumably thinner wall in the tomb, this is behind a several ton 10 foot thick block. Whatever is making the temp difference has to be right behind that stone, and not something further in. Also, it’s right there at the base of the pyramid, which is the present foot of it and not likely the original. The location is oddly conveniently placed.
They should just drill a hole and see what’s in there already and get back to the casreful work on the real mystery of King Tut.


They think there are other service passages and antechambers that housed a mechanism for sealing the main tomb and also contain furniture and a PlayStation. If you go digging around the internet, you’ll find lots of stuff that get airy fairy about the Pyramids. But if you concentrate on archaeology, you will see some stuff on how the great pyramid was the last in a long succession of incremental improvements. And it seems to lack some of the features of its predecessors. So, people are saying that we have just not yet discovered all the chambers and passages.


Shouldn’t we then also see a bright red stream shooting out?

Or maybe I’m just hoping all KKK members piss blood because even the simplest task is a strain for them.


Obviously: Ben Carson’s answer: Joseph’s wheat.


I assume that he is just finishing – that is why his legs are now cold and the back of his dress seems to be soaked with warm fluid.


Some of the stones are radioactive, some are not.


It pleases me more than I can say that this enterprise has been named “Operation Scan Pyramid”.