Secret chambers found in King Tut's tomb, say archaeologists


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This would be wonderful if it turns out to be so, but learning that it’s a pet theory of an unconventional archaeologist makes me very dubious. Unconventional theories in Egyptology are all too often the creation of woo peddlers.


I still stay stick a cat in the pyramids and follow it. They can always find doors and such.


I really just want a decent update to the Mummy Franchise.


but only if it’s named Heisenberg.


i had such low expectations with the first one, and the excellent character actors just really made it.


Whatever happened to that Brendan Fraser for Indy bandwagon?


Unconventional theories in Egyptology archaeology are all too often the creation of woo peddlers. But sometimes they turn out to be right, e.g. the idea that the Earth was more than 6000 years old was once very unconventional.


Mine would only point out the best places to nap.


Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schrödinger get pulled over on the freeway.
The cop asks “You know how fast you were going?”
Heisenberg answers “No, but I know exactly where I am!”
During an unconstitutional search of the trunk, the cop asks “Hey - you know there’s a dead cat back here?”
Schrödinger answers “Well, NOW I do.”


Just hammer away


It surprises me that no one has thought to do ground radar there already - given it’s one of the smallest tombs and most of the others had repeated levels secret chambers.


I’m stealing this. Sorry in advance.


Hotep Twitter? This is from The Onion, right?


That was actually what I initially clicked-though to comment on, before I got distracted by cats and physicists. I really WOULD like an explanation - is that a half-translation/part-transliteration from hieroglyphics, or was this whole thing a joke?


Feel free! I actually heard the Heisenberg bit somewhere (wish I remembered where) and added the Schrödinger bit; I tossed in the “unconstitutional search” part just for BoingBoing.


wouldn’t that be geology?

Does that work well on the types of ground surrounding the tomb? If it does then I am also surprised it hasn’t been done.



You forgot that Ohm was in the car too. When they all get arrested, he resists.

(that’s how my husband tells the joke, anyway).


Don’t know about that, but for detecting cavities, a seismological study may be more appropriate, and that certainly would have problems with all the sand. I think the sand is going to be a deal-breaker for both GPR and acoustic techniques.