The "secret chamber" in King Tut's tomb does not exist


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Isn’t that just what THEY want us to think?!


If by THEY you mean the Bigfoot and Yeti lobbies, then yes. And we all know @pesco is just here fronting for them.


Would you want humanity to draw attention to itself by starting to experiment with a fully functioning stargate? Better keep the chamber sealed off and forgotten,


This won’t stop bogus-science youtubers. In fact, they’ll use the results to ‘verify’ a conspiracy.


I just doesn’t show up on the scans because that’s where they store the grain.
Very dense grain.


The original scan results WERE very grainy…


And somehow Geraldo Rivera wasn’t involved in this at all? Huh.


Isn’t this a bit like the Loch Ness Monster?

There’s always a brand new theory, or sighting or whatever, just in time for the tourist season.


So the ancient Egyptians had stealth technology!


I enjoyed the clever responses, but this story demonstrates a problem with today’s media: Once someone, no matter how wacko, makes a claim, other sources will use it as click-bait or worse. They don’t have to claim it’s true, just that somebody (in this case, Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry) said it’s true. It’s almost as disingenuous as “many people say”, or “it is said”.

Or, as the president likes to say, “Not many people know” (that King Tut predicted I would win in a landslide).


Lies! It’s the reptilians!


they were “90% sure”

And they were right!

… 10% right.


“My God, it’s full of…grain.”


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