Secret chambers found in King Tut's tomb! Nefertiti inside?


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Wheat chambers!


Nothing titillates the imagination like “Possible storage room.”

What secrets could lie inside? Disused furniture? Shelves full of cleaning products? Boxes of ancient copy-machine toner?


Grain storage?
oh I see @claybridges beat me to it.


Be careful digging in from above. That place is probably full of creepers, and it’s easy to fall in.

Never mine straight down, boys and girls!


So they’re saying King Tut be like “hide yo kids, hide yo wife”?


Will all the newly uncovered antiquities be whisked off to England for safekeeping?


This is from October 2015. I was hoping for an update.


I wish the Buddhas of Bamiyan had been whisked off to England for safekeeping.


Just a few books and magazines…


Hidden rooms contain a black mold infestation and a hieroglyphics of apology from the previous owners.


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old alien hardware, naturally.


What’s in it?

The same thing that’s in Beschizza’s safe.


I want to go there, and only partially to see what the spiky monster alien thing is.


Yet another PORTENT and OMEN for the eventual fulfillment of the Ancient Kemetic Prophecy that HILLARY DIANE RODHAM CLINTON will make history as our next President.


We’ll find out on the next episode of Storage Wars Egypt:



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