Gallery of hermit crabs with garbage shells


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“You’re welcome.”

- litterers, feeling soooo vindicated right now, after decades of persecution.


These give a good idea of how small these critters are.

In one of the books about octopuses I read obsessively as a kid one had an octopus who made a home of a glass bottle…until the day the octopus was out hunting and a little boy picked up the bottle and threw it away. This left the octopus exposed and in need of a new home.

The message of “Hey kids, pollution is really beneficial!” still bugs me.


You could make a good science fiction story (arguably “Stalker” and Pohl’s “Gateway” series do this although it’s unclear where the artifacts are coming from), where humanity scavenges alien garbage for things that are useful even if they don’t understand what they were for originally.


Great, we found an eco friendly creature, reusing discarded material, people call it trash.

I bet your home isn’t so nice either.




Far Harbour was amazing.
If soon means you’ll be playing it soon, you will enjoy it immensely. :slight_smile:
(Imma build my own vault soon!)


I can’t find it, but there’s an old Chevron commercial about turning their abandoned metallic structures (I initially used the word “crap”) into “reefs.” This was long before their “human energy” ad campaign.

Here’s a revisit of the reef rig/reef conversation.

My issue with it as an ad campaign is that this is really an unavoidable side effect, you have to get rid of it one way or another, and really not much to brag about vs. decades of manipulation on climate science.


How do we know that the crabs are using trash because they can’t find shells? Perhaps they prefer the trash to shells.


Hipster crabs?


Yeah, I was wondering about that. Plastic has very different properties from shell, some of which might be preferable, like lighter weight.


Next on HGTV Ultra Tiny Homes…


They probably do. Hermit crabs will switch shells in a heartbeat if they find one that suits them better. They prefer lightweight durable materials, so hard plastic is pretty much perfect. If garbage causes there to be more suitable shells it probably causes a spike in the hermit crab population.


Some crabs have it easy.


The trash is probably also easier for them to find. One of the clouds to go with that silver lining is that acidification of the ocean potentially means fewer shells generally.


Hermit crabs are all Wobblies! Building the new world in the shell of the old.


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