Hermit crabs line up in order of size to swap and upgrade shells with one another


Fascinating little critters. I saw them in the wild for the first time in the U.S. Virgin Islands. My Dad offered a new shell to a crab whose current one was looking a bit small and worn out, and the crab moved right in!


I was in Panama not too long ago, and we went on a snorkling trip, or rather my friends went snorkling while my pale freckled face hid from the equatorial noon time sun under some trees only to be very startled by the 100s and 100s of hermit crabs that came to life after I’d stopped moving. Literally hundreds of them. I spent a very amused couple of hours playing god and feeding them manna from heaven (fallen coconut flesh) always rewarding the brave ones. :slight_smile: Neat little creatures but holy crap the noise they make clicking over each other is spooky as hell when you’re not expecting it!


Kanye was right, see?


It’s like a hermit crab bubble sort! Sort of…


Meanwhile at Pirate Bay Beach…

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