Burger King employees had enough of poor working conditions and put up big sign: WE ALL QUIT.

I wish I had worked for someone like you during my life. The last guy I worked for before deciding to go it alone was constantly trying to find ways to save himself money, having as many 1099’s as he could, and bitching about the government not subsidizing pay for his employees.


“Often”…? How about, “Just about every time?”


I was being generous.


I get it but I’m long past feeling ANY kind of generosity to the small-minded, always white, always (at least) somewhat pudgy fucks whom push those narratives. Fuck 'em!

And take that from a pudgy white fuck.


These kind of working conditions would be illegal in Europe. Just saying! It is not that employers are more humane or less greedy, the law forbids it. Just saying!


There is a simple fact I don’t understand many (US) employers don’t get.

For example no human being can work at their best level for more than about 35 hours a week. Ask them to work more and you get worse results for the same money… makes no sense, right?

Same with health, healthy people work better. Who Knew! Send a sick employee home and they won’t infect your other employees (or customers) either. Double win!

Paid days off? They come back reinvigorated with better (mental) health. etc. etc. etc.

(Ford knew this btw, but I don’t want him on my side :confused: )


I know this meme of the employer asking his employee to come to work although they are obviously sick… I never experienced anything like this in my work life.
I have been berated by one of my former bosses for coming to work sick and I have witnessed another former boss yelling at a co-worker for coming to work sick. “You are getting us all sick! Go home!”
Also, you will get in trouble with HR if you don’t take the 30 days of paid vacation you get and you have a right to take 2 consecutive weeks of vacation once per year and your employer can’t do anything to stop you. (while I never heard of an employer who tried to, a co-worker of mine is now in this annual 6-week summer holiday)

Not everything is sunshine and roses but whenever I feel bad about something I hear or experience about or at work I just think: “It’d be so much worse in the US.”

Just saying! :wink:


This is the same thing some are saying in Italy, on the “Reddito di cittadinanza”. There’s now a shortage of people willing to work in bars and hotels. First of all people that needed another work, when they lost the job, they searched another and found it. I personally know a former waiter that now works at a car mechanic. More pay, less hours, and free Sundays. And no screaming kids running under the tables. So I suppose other people did the same thing.
Another thing is that the norm on these place was proposing working off the books, that is of course illegal, and in this case people what were working illegally resulted really poor ad got eligible for “Reddito di cittadinanza”.

Offering a job with decent pay got a lot of people sending CV. Sammontana ice cream factory (google translate) (google translate link) was an example of this.


This is merely another illustration and corollary of ‘the cruelty is the point’.


One of my best friends in Vegas works for a locally owned landscaping company and has had a really great relationship with the owner, he had a lot of personal and legal troubles a while back and the boss really bent over backwards for him to help when he really didn’t have to. The company also does profit sharing with everyone and had been a really inclusive and wonderful workplace… until recently. The owner decided that because of all the growth they were experiencing that he really wanted the company to expand even more and hired an HR busybody to make sure that the company starts to go down a more “corporate” road, my friend has been written up multiple times for BS he didn’t do and he’s single handedly bringing in the most profit and sales the company has ever gotten.

I keep trying to convince my friend to start his own business, he’s the kind of guy that could do it but so far he hasn’t entertained it. If he did i would quit my job, move back to Vegas and work for him in a heartbeat. He’s the kind of guy i would trust my life with.


Same, so I did the math. $300/wk additional unemployment is $15,600/yr, on top of what is generally pretty minimal unemployment benefits. Now, if you win $15k in the lottery, Yay! Pretty nice payday. If you quit your job because you can live on unemployment + $15k, I am going to assume your parents are paying your bills. Because, at least here, that is not enough to live indoors, let alone eat and drive, but it makes for a good RWNJ talking point.


And yet, it’s still better income than some people were getting in the first place.


Of course one difficulty is that if wages go up, rents will soon follow. Just a different bunch of assholes exploiting whomever they can.

“The money was all appropriated for the top in the hopes that it would trickle down to the needy. Mr. Hoover didn’t know that money trickled up. Give it to the people at the bottom and the people at the top will have it before night, anyhow. But it will at least have passed through the poor fellows hands”
-@ Will Rogers


This reminds me of the idea that taxing corporations does nothing, because they just shift the costs to customers…so apparently companies fight that tooth and nail not out of self-interest, but pure generous concern for them.

I mean, you can’t get more rent from someone who has spent their new money on food, but at least they’re not hungry. It’s not hard to tell if higher wages just shift wealth to different exploiters or manage to improve people’s lives. Some places have minimum levels higher than others, and I think it is not hard to establish that on average people in them do better.


Besides wages, the other problem is treatment of employees in these types of places. A screaming “Karen” comes in because she only got one sauce with her McNuggets. Instead of telling her that she’s being abusive, the Managers will do everything they can to soothe the customer and let them get away with it (and probably about 20 sauce packets). Same in retail. All the Managers want to do is get the disruptive person out of there, rather than supporting a team member who, in no way, deserved that kind of treatment.


Around here, rents grew far more far faster, without a change in wage. My wage has been more or less stuck at $15/hr for an entire decade, while rent increased from around $700 to $1000, on average.

The sad thing is, you can still buy homes equivalent in quality to a rental for between 60,000 and 130,000 around here and very excellent homes for between 190,000 and 270,000. And it’s still cheaper than renting!

The downside is that the banks generally don’t approve people for loans around here…


A friend in college worked at Subway and the owner/manager forced her to work under situations that were likely illegal (ie: when she was sick, would ask her to stay longer to clean up after she was off the clock, never got breaks, etc). She desperately needed the job but i would never have put up with that.


Thus, rent control.


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What about the poor put upon LANDLORDS!?! Haven’t they suffered enough in this pandemic? All those lost rents! /s


BuzzFeed did a followup with the folks who quit