Lucky Ducky gets even lazier and greedier!

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Should have shown the company’s board of directors, full of CEOs from other companies, all perfectly willing to prop up CEO salaries despite giving lip service to “maximizing shareholder return”


its like they have a grudge against workers


The grudge is that they have to pay them at all


I’m a bit confused by all the conservatives lately upset that people aren’t willing to work for minimum wage at lousy, covid-exposing jobs. According to the argument they’ve been making for years, minimum wages aren’t supposed to be living wages and minimum wage jobs are held by people who don’t need the money (students, the retired, people who need only a little extra money, are entering the job market but don’t have any responsibilities, etc.). So why are they confused that people who supposedly don’t need the money aren’t willing to take jobs that risk their lives and health? Gosh, it’s like all the conservative minimum wage arguments for all these years have been entirely disingenuous or something!

It’s funny an indictment of late-stage capitalism because it’s true!


It’s so odd that there’s never any handwringing about higher CEO salaries being passed on to the customer via higher prices for products and services.


Almost like those wealthy CEOs are the ones controling the public narrative


The entire conservative argument about productivity, and/or work ethic falls apart when you consider that CEO’s make thousands of times an average worker’s salary.

Do you really think a CEO works thousands of times harder and smarter than everyone else? They’re that good? Consider the more likely alternative: they are there by virtue of luck, relationships, and leveraging wealth/power they already had. But if you start to realize that, then the entire “level playing field” / “land of opportunity” house of cards comes tumbling down. Can’t have that. /s

Claiming people in low paying jobs are there due to lack of effort on their part ignores the reality that if every single person in a low paying job learned more marketable skills, got a college degree, etc. then the economy would just shift to keep most of them right where they currently are. Because the “economy” (i.e. the people with the money) will continue to demand those jobs be filled.


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