Burning Man: The Musical


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Is there a musical for everything? Is this era in history more in love with musicals then the era of Gershwin and Rodgers and Hammerstein?


Add me to the list of people disappointed in boingboing. Don’t encourage these morons. Written and directed by someone who’s never been? srrsly?


As the haters come out of the woodwork, I’ve been speaking out about the incredible time I had at Burning Man in 1999. Then this.

Watching this was hard. And painful. I don’t like ragging on someone else’s work, as I’m a musician myself… but it was like a SNL satire. Gawd.

I played several movements from Philip Glass’s Koyaanisqatsi on solo synth in the middle of the playa, surrounded by nature and light. I think my ideas about music that can actually evoke the Playa experience are incompatible with… this.


I’m not sure how the actual musical will be (probably not good?), but it was clearly communicating that the actual playa experience is, in fact, going to be incompatible with the “What have you heard about Burning Man?” intro, since it clearly casts the main character as an overeager idiot doing an incredibly stupid task for a richer idiot.


So there’s not going to be a Burning Man this year, or ever again?


i wrote a musical about the black death but in my defense i totes lived with a bunch of rats for a month and i didnt get the plague but i did get scabies and thats good for something right


I’m impressed…that the actors got through this preview with straight faces.

Yes, someone (many?) worked hard to write the songs and music for this (so bravo for an effort I’ve never undertaken), but I’m not sure that a Burning Man musical needs traditionally styled musical arrangements and lyrics. Seems like it needs to be a good bit grittier. (Throwing in a couple of lines of “rap” doesn’t count as gritty.)

The idea for a Burning Man musical might be a worthwhile pursuit, but this seems to be headed in the wrong tonal direction.


See, but I’d totally watch a musical about the black death… I mean, Cannibal the Musical was a fucking delight, right?



If you didn’t find that hilarious you might need to take more LSD.


This is the dawning of the age of Sagittarius
Age of Sagittarius…

Hippies suck ass in every galaxy…



The SNL comparison nailed it… thats it folks!


Sans TARDIS you can’t visit the black death, but one could certainly go to the playa and do a little research.


The whole kooky thing about Doctor Who is HOW CAN YOU WRITE ABOUT GALLIFREY IF YOUVE NEVER BEEN THERE?!?!!!


How many people were in the boardroom when they made the executive decision that this was a good idea?


I don’t think you’re taking this seriously enough. Burning Man is very serious.


Nice start.
I’d add two shots of “Up with People” and a Jesus Christ Superstar chaser.
They’ll drink it up.


A few years back when BMORG announced their draconian photography policies, it seemed like overkill. And just like watching Disney Corp freak out over protecting their mouse, the image of the man is a trademark with a lot of value to this one corporate entity.

But jeez, guys,.if youre.going to write a musical about desert art festivals, make it be about the experience, not the brand. I hope the.cease and decist notice has arrived, and is heeded. This isn’t a product that burners have been waiting for.