Burt's Bees founder dead at 80

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Rest well, Burt. Thanks for being cool.


Seven percent of 900 million is still more money than any of us will see in twice our lifetimes.


I’m not sure he got that much, like, nearly that much. Interview on NPR this AM with someone close to him said it was some land and well under a million when he sold, well before the corporate buyout.

Where do you get the 7% number from?

‘Shavitz didn’t seem to mind missing out on 93 percent of a windfall.’

Given the eventual sale of Burt’s Bees to a Fortune 500 company for nearly $1 billion, Quimby may have gotten the deal of the century: For his piece of Burt’s Bees, Burt got a house in Maine worth $130,000.

“If Mr. Shavitz had held onto the stake he traded to Ms. Quimby for $130,000, it would have been worth about $59 million,” the New York Times wrote in 2008. 

In 2008, Quimby said the amount was “embarrassing,” but defended the transaction, saying she threw Shavitz an additional $4 million when the company was sold to Clorox.

Please read the linked WP article in the post.

He was paid 130K and 50K in land when he fled the company, and thrown 4 million later.

That’s 7% of the 59 million ‘‘windfall’’ that he might have earned, and not 7% of the near billion.

He may not have felt screwed, but he was. So obviously that the was ‘thrown’ the additional money after the corporate sale.

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Darn, he almost made it to this year’s “Don’t step on a Bee Day” (July 10). I guess that could be appropriately observed at the cemetery where he’s buried, anytime thereafter.

The guy died with a conscience that told him he’d made his mark, hadn’t screwed anyone, and stood with his convictions. Better than many, and enviable in my book.


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