Bus Comics

Here’s a story behind it: I was riding a trolleybus and noticed an ad for transport advertisement.

Only on a later viewing I noticed that each bus on the picture was actually different, with easily readable personality.

So I decided to draw a comic about these guys, and got two strips up:

Panel 1: “I wonder if buses live on the Moon?”
Panel 3: “I am Darth Obus! Your planet will be replaced with my Death Highway!”
Panel 4: “Not so fast!”

Panel 1: “Your itinerary ends here, Auto-Bushi!”
Panel 3: “He attacks with passengers! I can’t harm them!”

So, how’s it?

I get that it’s a Star Wars reference, but beyond that, I don’t really get it (assuming there’s anything to “get.”) Seeing it on the internet seems kinda meh. I would think it was awesome if I saw a print-out posted on the bus under the original, though.

I like the idea of using the busses as characters. The storyline doesn’t seem to use them very effectively, though; we don’t get a lot of their individual personalities and it doesn’t build on the fact that they are busses except for the observation that busses carry passengers.

Good observation, promising idea, needs a better sense of where it’s going and better gagwriting but that may come with practice. Keep trying?

I like the idea, keep going!

(I usually ride the bus to work, and yes, unless theiy’re brand new every bus is a little different.)

Once complete, you should publish the series as a Darth Obus Bus Comic Omnibus.

That one asian bus is kind of racist.

Second from the right in the original lineup? I imagined he’s an alien, not an asian.

Yeah, looks like it’s operating in Roswell.
Hey, shuttle service to Area 51!

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