Butt model and virtual patient to teach prostate exam


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There is absolutely no way this technology will be co-opted for less altruistic purposes.


My med school uses Fleshlights instead


The best part is the audio that goes with the virtual patient.


In my limited (but still slightly overmuch) experience in this area here in the UK, in order to have bedside manner it helps to be a general practitioner. In order to have no bedside manner at all, be a consultant.

Also, Patrick? Is this some slur on the Irish?


Your med school is way ahead in the virtual dept.


Does it buzz and light up when the doc, uh, touches the wrong parts?


We have other…research priorities


And tying into my post in Heavy Metal band-name fun Rectum School anyone?


Seems the Japanese developed a variation on this technology back in 2001: Boon-ga Boon-ga


As peripherals go, I’d still take it over an NES Power Glove.


Why does it have a name?


If I invented it, I would have named it Rick



Thank god the last post referenced Boon-Ga, I was beginning to lose faith in you people!





Why don’t the students just practice on each other?


Mine started getting all emotionally needy


Yeah…I wondered about that - had a similar thought but Patrick is a pretty common name. Perhaps the inventor or most likely project manager named it in honor of himself, or perhaps his or her friend, relative or acquaintance.

Nevertheless, Daffyd would have been a more suitable name for this pedagogical medical model.


IIRC, live models are used, like as in figure modeling. I’m not sure about now - butt at some point they practiced on each other. Much like veterinarians in training practice artificial insemination techniques on fellow students before being allowed to practice on actual animals.

Veterinarians in training used to practice on animals but fortunately animal testing has been banned. Plus - IMHO - it’s much more fun to practice using stuff you’re familiar with before trying with something unfamiliar. Kinda like if you’re gonna trim a baby’s nails, you better know how to trim your own.

Weird stuff but the various medical professions are pretty earthy which is why I guess they earn the big bucks.