Kickstarting Haphead, a science fiction web series about gamer culture


Something similar already happened. The gunner position on an armored car top is also known as exposed target, as Iraq demonstrated multiple times. The gunner was moved down, and replaced with cameras and servos. The top brass worried that the soldiers will have problems with the different style of operation and narrower field of vision. Turned out they were already trained from videogames!

Making skills portable from videogame setting to real world can be quite interesting. VR and haptic together open a whole new world of possibilities. Many games have the potential of being training sims.

Edit: And I expect some funny moral panics stemming from this.

Science fiction about gamer culture? So… mysogynist death threats and also… I dunno… Rule 34 on Princess Peach?


I am afraid such pictures already exist. Possibly even crude games.

That said, expect porn being a big driver first for acceptance of VR, then, in combination, for haptic tech.
(Also expect water to be wet…)

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