Uncanny Valley, a short film about VR "addiction" with a sting it its tail

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A look at el Presidente Trump’s second term.


Grim, very grim.

Basically Ender’s Game, but hey, that’s a very good premise to work from. Nicely done.


There was also going to be something along these lines in Half Life 2; the player was originally going to discover civilians in a video game arcade playing games that turned out to be remotely controlling the manhacks hunting down dissident humans. Always a chilling concept to explore…


I don’t think the people portrayed would enjoy a game like that. Adrenaline, etc.

yeah I mean, how many kills a day can you possibly make in Fakepakistan? It’s going to be a lot of walking around waiting to run in to some slow moving enemy that can’t shoot straight and dies in one hit.

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It’s a little different because Ender’s Game is more like a drone simulation and they are issuing orders and not directly controlling them.

That said, the Ender’s Game twist is better - but only because the novel before it to build up the conflict and how much morality weighed on Ender himself making the twist brutal.

This is not fiction. The only gloss is using robots instead of Predator drones.

You’re assuming that every game is this instead of just some of the “missions” being real.

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Nah, the drone operators know perfectly well what they’re doing. I think I remember reading that they have large turnover: They can experience some rather traumatic things (though from a bit of a remove), but since it happens sitting in an office chair in inland USA, they’re expected to go home to their families in the evening as if nothing has happened (and without much in the way of followup).


oh wow

This is true.

At least an F-16 pilot goes there and assesses things themselves before unleashing hell.

A guy who lived with us for a while was temporarily moved from Dugway (where I think, but it’s probably classified, that they have the control boxes for Predators and Reapers and whatever else doesn’t officially exist yet) to our town where there’s a muni airport that he could rack up some pilot hours. (The AF’s ‘drone’ operators must have real pilot hours and licenses like any other pilot.)

The program was brutal. They’d fly long shifts and do the nasty shit they were told and go home and not talk about it.

He was doing his best to get out of military aviation work and into…he wasn’t really sure. Sharp kid, though. Hope he’s doing cooler stuff now.


I thought the twist was going to be that the enemy alien things beyond the glitch were real but in their own spare time addicted to a VR world of lounging around an artfully decrepit mansion, because they were stressed out by living in a neon-tinged space warzone.

(why is this tagged shmups? an FPS is not a shmup.)

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The idea of video game players unwittingly controlling weaponry isn’t new. In fact I’m curious to know all the other media it’s been used in.

I recall a Psycho Pass 2 episode that involved hacked military robots that were programmed so that they were controlled by the unwitting users of a popular mobile game.

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For a project that did not get implemented in late 90’s, we needed to solve a problem of optimal routing of vehicles through road network. One of the ideas I thought up as a workaround to the traveling-salesman problem was a sort of a game for living people, with the results of their fun unwittingly channeled to the drivers’ real-life itinerary.

That’s why I only play DEFCON - at least I will notice when I was used as military asset.

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