Buy a Balenciaga sack modeled after a plastic garbage bag for $1790

soooo much mathhhhhhh


But seriously, the math of wealth inequality is hard to grasp when it comes to billionaires. That’s what leads ordinary folk, even quite wealthy ones, to say a $1790 garbage bag is ridiculous compared to a $0.27 plastic one, when to Musk the difference isn’t worth thinking about.


POC, not POS (Point of Sale)?


Came here for this.

I’ll just say that it’s not likely me, that they’re trolling.

Proof Of Concept. I.e. a demo, but one specific to the environment it’ll get used in to make sure that it’s a good fit.

Example: [RedactedCo] ran a proof of concept for two competing backup appliances in our lab to determine which was the better fit; while they both did quite well (they both checked off all the “required functionality” boxes) the more expensive one had additional features and functionality built into it.




I got two for a Euro trip. Wanted something I could shove the whole back pack etc into for the plane ride etc. It worked! I got both an old canvas one and a newer nylon one. Turns out I liked the nylon one more.

Felt like a bit of an idiot before learning how to close the thing. Clever.

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I got mine when I served in the military, so it was one of the standard canvas ones. Still miss it to this day. Sucker could swallow a whole closet AND dresser.

This might even be too kitsch for the most tasteless daughter of a Russian oligarch.

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There really is no doubt that Balenciaga has been speculative style, experimental fashion, performance art, and a way to simultaneously extract money from rich fools.

So yes trolling, trolling of the highest order.

high-heeled crocs for $DEITY’s sake

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Just saw the tag on this post, and as someone with an affinity for DnD, I salute Jennifer Sandlin:

despicable me animation GIF