RFID-shielded, ultra-strong duffels for carrying cash through dangerous territory


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Pro Tip:

If you use euros instead of dollars you can carry up to 5 times more money!


Is that based on bill size alone or does it factor in the exchange rate… just askin’…


Heist? Really?


I saw these guys when they first came out with their duffel bag.
I’ll be the first to admit that cuben fiber is pretty cool stuff- and the bag seems reasonably well designed. That aside, $985 for a duffel bag is nuts. Cuben fiber fabric costs (at most) $50/yard, and they say in the construction on that bag they’ve doubled it up. So if we say 5 yards (?) we’re at $250 worth of fabric. I’m not entirely convinced it’s even the right/best fabric for the applications- 1M in US bills is just over 20lbs, so we’re not talking about ultra high strength.
This is high end hipster mall ninja gear.


If I was taking large amounts of money through ‘dangerous territory’, I’d use something simple and inconspicuous bought cheaply at a store, not a fancy smancy silvery fabric bag, to protect from RFID for some crazy reason.




So in what circumstances would I need to shield my money from RFIDs? Obviously when I’ve kidnapped someone and want to get the ransom money safely away before telling the cops where they can find the body, but are there more legitimate needs being catered for?


Ummm… Cory. Are you a narcotraficante now?


This, it seems to me, is clearly a product in need of a demand.
It’s solving a nonexistent problem that hipsters wish they had.

Full-blown mall-ninja tacticool wannabe-operator bullshit.


No, just based in the largest denomination available in cash: $100 vs 500€

If we take into account exchange rates you should add around 10% more. So, close to x5.1 times more money in the bag.


Empirically speaking; those pallets probably rank among history’s leakiest cash delivery mechanisms. Even Western Union would have skimmed less off the top…


SDR Traveller… (Special Drawing Rights) a little bit of humor perhaps?


Too many site visitors using ad-blocking apps, gotta make up for the lost revenue somehow… :wink:


I’m not quite sure I understand how the ultra-strong fibers are supposed to protect the money from a blunt instrument (or perhaps a bullet) hitting the carrier’s head. Which is how the money would be taken. Are you supposed to wear the bag, perhaps?


Yeah, the only reason I can see for a shielded money bag is when you’re worried someone will slip a tracker into the money. Ransoms, bank robberies and the like.


This seems to be designed specifically for bank robberies, to foil the trackers some banks embed in money stacks to track robbers.


I’m confused here. Because from what I’m getting from the web, US currency doesn’t even have RFID tags; they have magnetic strips.




I need like a small dice bag sized one to hold all my loot…