Buy the book "How I Made $290,000 Selling Books," only $290,000 on Amazon


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Such a great metaphor for the “how to get rich” a-holes whose secret to getting rich is selling “get rich” books to suckers…the biggest a-hole of this ilk, of course, can now write “How to become the president (and make a mint without lifting a finger!)” books to survive his 14th bankruptcy…


Eh, I’ll just wait to check it out at the library.

Loses book, and has to pay inflated price plus one year library fines.


you can actually declare bankruptcy over library fees.



Really good music and the sense of humor is perfect. Thanks for the tip Ruben Bolling!

EDIT: to correct a very dumb error– thanks @cubby (hopefully I got that right)


The order link was up for me. The book was in my cart for a moment. They only had one copy however, and i didn’t want to stop someone else from enjoying it.


I also love Vulfpeck, First new band I’ve been ‘into’ in well over a decade. The guys in the band are exceedingly funky and I love their music, but some real magic happens when Antwaun Stanley joins them. He’s been there the five times I’ve seen them on stage, and I was happier for it.

That said, the R.B. who has the byline on this article is Ruben Bolling, not Rob Beschizza.


Dammit, Reuben, now I need to loop “Animal Spirits” for the next 8 hours.


The alternate title could be “How I lost $(value of one’s time)*(time it took to create and upload to Amazon) Selling Books”, assuming no one is stupid enough to pay up.


it let me checkout (I didn’t hit the final go-ahead).


They’re amazing. I saw them live a few months ago and it was one of the most clever, funny, and engaging shows I’ve ever seen.


1612 is a stroke of genius.


Maybe Martin Shkreli will buy it so he can do precisely this.


It doesn’t matter if anyone pays up. You just show $290,000 in sales and $290,000 in Receivables. Your financials look great, and as long as they aren’t audited, you can claim to have “sold $290,000 worth of books”.

(edited to add, “Yes, I’m an Accountant”.)



Same dudes that made $20k from a silent Spotify playlist.


nodding head

waggling feet on bar stool

i needed something new to listen to so badly.


I am rather surprised that the link to the book wasn’t a boingboing affiliate link. Talk about having no faith!