Buy this Flintstones-themed campground and theme park for $2 million


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Theme park or desolate wasteland? You decide. Considering the tax burden I think they’d have to pay me an awful lot to take that place off their hands.


Where’s Barney? Can I send Barney off to “re-education school”? And, uh, is Betty free for coffee later? Oh, and somebody go find Dino–he’s been in the godamned trash again.


Sweet! I know where I’m spending my retirement!


There’s a dirty weekend hotel in the Lake District with a Flintstones themed room. I doubt Hannah-Barbera know though (we stayed in the Cleopatra suite).


Dang, of all the times to be caught two million short.

I stayed in the South Dakota one as a small tyke and recall loving it.


Just once, I wanna scream, “Yabba-Dabba-Doo!” and slide down the dinosaur’s tail.

Also, what would Wilma and Betty look like with more realistic features?


[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:59007”]“The license agreement with Hanna-Barbera, the studio behind the campy 1960s cartoon, The Flintstones, is not a part of the sale and would need to be renegotiated.”[/quote]So, otherwise, it becomes a campground themed on Dref Glintstone? And his signature cry of Yooba-Dooba-Da? Maybe go for the sci-fi angle about how they are actually descended from a group of astronauts stranded with nothing but sophisticated gene manipulation technology. Yah, that’ll do it.


Ah, that explains the “why do I think I’ve been to this place” feeling I just had.


Hey, I’ve been there before. We had to go there when we went to Arizona because my wife had gone there as a kid.


“If you want the tree, you need to make a reservation by Christmas.”



I have stayed at this place a few times. Cheap place to camp on the way to a few fun places to go backcountry. It is not terrible but there are no trees to speak of and it is a bit uninspiring. The Flintstones theme does not even carry your interest as far as you might imagine it would


Yes, looking at the photos I can say I would definitely augment my perceptions in the parking lot, then go in.



This must depict Fred after he was hit on the head with a stone bowling ball, again.


Thank you for keeping Rosie O’donnell out of it.


Yep, my family stayed there in 1978 or so, and I remember it being even more run-down and desolate than these current pictures portray. But my sister and I attended a year-round school, so my mother had us going on vacations during the off-season to avoid crowds. We were the only family staying here.

It was like The Shining only weirder and somewhat less violent.


Wasn’t this (or a facsimile thereof) in one of the New Vegas expansions?


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