Buy your own space artifact at this meteorite auction – or just read the fun descriptions

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The descriptions sound even better read in the voice of Martin Prince.

I have a meteorite…at least we’re pretty sure it’s one. It’s extremely heavy and dense for its size and has an unearthly quality to it that’s hard to describe. We tried to investigate further but not sure who to call. No phone listings for meteorite shops in our area.

Wonder if it’s worth anything like these.

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They sell fragments of the diablo canyon meteor at the gift shop at the crater. We got small fragments for between $10-$20. The museum there is actually awesome. We thought it was going to be a run down tourist trap and were pleasently surprised.

“Do you have anything in green?”



How did you acquire it?
Does a magnet stick to it?

BB has you covered…

For some reason, my brain made me read the headline as Make your own space artifact with stuff from meteorite auction.

Is there a university nearby with an earth science department? Geologists are always up for examining new rocks, so drop them a line.

This is very helpful. While we want to believe, it’s highly unlikely.

Based on this flowchart, the rock we have is magnetic, heavier than usual, deep black exterior coating with a silvery, metallic surface inside - most certainly iron. Not sure about regmaglypts (had to look that up) - will need to examine it again. It’s about the size of a baseball and currently sitting on a shelf in my parent’s house.

My stepdad acquired it about 30 years ago but I don’t really know its origin. He was a rock hound and loved to collect interesting quartz and crystals.

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