BuzzFeed invites people with dark skin to discuss colorism


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Is this a series? Because I would watch more of this.


Sort of. It’s BuzzFeedVideo, which ranges from things like this and Being Queer In A Fraternity to Teens Review '90s Boy Bands.



Good article, especially for the likes of Buzzfeed.

As a lighter complected person of color, I can attest that colorism has negative ramifications on both ends; in my experience it was deep and often subconscious resentment from my Black peers of physical aspects that I had no control over, such as having “good hair”…


Judging by their accents, all these people are American. Those who describe experiencing colorism in other countries all mention that they were visiting. Colorism is a fairly widespread prejudice (and not all of it is a white colonial export.) It would be interesting to hear foreigners’ perspectives on the phenomenon.


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