When a black woman becomes a white man online


Sadly, this is not surprising.

Deeply wrong, but not surprising :frowning:

EDIT: I think it’s instructive that, even on the site where the experiment is described and reported, one of the commentators basically says: “Hey, it happens to everyone, but guys aren’t allowed to throw themselves a pity party.”


Pretty much every belligerent mentally ill person is on the internet. And it’s probably one of the worst things they can do. Any theory of aggression recognizes that their self hatred becomes an attack on the Other even if it involves scapegoating one of their own kids. If it’s any consolation, the time they spend hurling abuse at her might be less time burning their kids with cigarettes.

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Maybe so, but I’d rather not individualize and/or pathologize the ongoing, widespread societal illness of racism like that. It’s pretty much in all of us. And experiments Mikki Kendall’s can help us see that.


Maybe its the places I visit online or the fact that my avatar is purple, but I don’t seem to get all that much hate thrown my way. It has happened but usually due to my politics and not very hateful or violent.

But in RL, its a different matter. Being a HAM (Hetero-Anglo Male), I have had many treat me as an ignorant, violence prone, mysogonistic, Bible-thumping homophobic racist before I even say anything.

Many? Really? It’s happened to me maybe 2-3 times. Of course it hurt my fee-fees so much I feel like an oppressed minority. But I am not.


It truly is amazing how every time this topic comes up people have to jump in to explain how, as a white man, they are discriminated against every day.


I think it’s a mistake to treat problems like racism or misogyny as completely separate issues, because that obscures the common roots. Single issue social justice warriors often spend too much time only talking to each other, or maybe that’s just the folks online.


Yes. Misogyny is also revealed by the experiment, no doubt about that. And the racism and misogyny faced by black women also do indeed amount to a particular, and particularly toxic, mix.


Well those racists would be equally happy to discriminate against anyone that doesn’t share their paranoid and antisocial tendencies, self hatred, and violent fantasies. There is plenty of discrimination against people whose ability to lead an unassuming normal life generates Cain-and-Abel levels of envy.

Well, there’s discrimination like “hey, you’re a guy, can you move that heavy stuff for me?” and there’s discrimination like “hey, you’re a minority, and a crime was committed nearby recently …so you’re under arrest now.”

Pretending that one thing is like the other is a sign of a delusional mind, trolling, or stupidity. Possibly it is ignorance, but I would guess trolling first, stupidity second, delusional third, and ignorance as being a very distant fourth.


I was looking at a few of the “police officer only” websites the other day to see what they had to say about the CHP beating story… Many of the comments on the story railed against “Ghetto Congresswoman Maxine Waters”.


There are misogynists and racists on the Internet. I am shocked. Just shocked at this news.

The question I have is, what percentage of people are misogynistic or racist?

The better question I would have is, what percentage of men are misogynistic and what percentage of white people are racist?

Not sure, though, that such things are precisely quantifiable, and anyway, the numbers for both are so near 100% that I don’t see how finding a precise number would be all that helpful.

If such things are, as you assert, generally quantifiable, where and how have these conclusions been reached? How has it been determined that “near 100%” of white people are racist and “near 100%” of males are misogynist?


Wow the comments on the linked site are really disparaging / totally missing the point.


Nice move, you’re already close to Bingo! with that one – a little difficult though to count just how many squares it got you.


I noticed that “Could you provide evidence to support your assertions?” isn’t listed.

If you can’t, you should just say so.

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Near 100%? Really. Now either you are either a massive bigot or an epic troll.


You could be on to something there. My anecdata would support that conclusion as well.

Oh, and it seems appropriate to repost this:

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