Black cartoonist on shifting skin tones in a Marvel comic


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This was an excellent read, personal and important. Great meta use of the comic medium, too.

As a Brazilian, the very acknowledgement that there is such a thing as a Japanese-Brazilian ethnicity under the lazy-ass American “Latino” umbrella term was a refreshing change.

Here’s what (a small, famous representative sample of) our “race” looks like, in case you don’t know.


Well said. :beer:

This bugs me, yes, I get what he is saying, but is Mexicans are brown a trope or a cliche?
There’s so much diversity that unless you specify what part of Mexico Melita’s father was from (and even then its a guess. (Tip: Northern states tend to be lighter while southern states are darker (Browner?))), insisting on brownness is… ill informed.*

Its also fascinating that you are only Arab Mexican while in the US, in Mexico, you’d just be Mexican.

*(OK, she has black mother, she’s more likely than not to be some sort of brown. I can’t believe there’s no character reference color sheet to settle this)

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