Cable industry attains the impossible: makes Americans hate it even more

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I give thanks every month when I get my internet bill that the CRTC requires Canadian telecoms to sell their internet bandwidth to third party reseller ISPs.

I pay far less than I used to, for far more bandwidth, at the same speeds. And on those rare occasions when i do need to contact tech support, I get a native English speaker who is actually helpful, rather than a script-following robot from the Philippines or India.


rather explains this:


Sure you saved money. But why do you hate freedom so much? :wink:

Here in God’s America I have the freedom to pay for huge costly programming packages or not have internet at all, with no real middle ground.


I hate 'em, and I don’t even have their PoS service!

Guys, I think I speak for Ajit Pai and everyone on the FCC, this is capitalism at work.

The worse it gets, the more negative customer feedback there is, the more the corporation makes adjustments.

Oh, wait-- Comcast has a fucking monopoly. Never mind. I have to call Ajit immediately. He must not know about this!


The invisible hand of the free market gave me a wedgie.


A while back a guy came to my door and rang the bell. When I answered the door I saw Xfinity on his shirt and immediately said, “I’m not interested”. He replied, “You’re not interested in TV?”. I said, “I’m not interested in Comcast.” His reply… “You had Comcast in the past?” I said, "Yes. That was the end of the conversation. He didn’t even try to convince me they had changed, improved or otherwise try to sell me. Obviously he knew an ex-customer was a waste of his time. Even Comcast’s employees know they suck.


I’m at the point with Comcast where if any other option becomes available in my area, I will leap without looking.

I may end up regretting it, but I’m willing to trade one misery for an equal misery if it means depriving Comcast of my money each month.

F*ck that company into the oblivion it so richly deserves.

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I guess I’ll defend them as best I can. I was finally able to get TV cable and broadband with my recent move. It’s expensive about $150 a month with discounts. The store explained my options, the installer showed up on time and hooked me up. I don’t think I can get free TV here in the mountains, so while I can I enjoy watching baseball and auto racing, having broadband internet. The bad part is I think I’m addicted to Atlanta, Rick & Morty and Robot Chicken. So I’ll probably die with the remote in my hand.

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