Cable industry wants you to know that competition is bad for its customers

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This is hilarious. I have TWC in my area and Google Fiber is coming. AT&T and TWC both lobbied our local metro council to not allow Google access to the last mile because they own the utility poles. The metro council said stuff it. All of the sudden TWC is running non stop ads about improved speeds at no extra cost and special deals and a 1-hour window for service calls. Seems to me like a little competition did exactly what it was supposed to do.


We have to protect the Free Market from the Free Market, helping consumers to vote with their wallets by giving them a wide choice of one, saving them time and confusion by telling them what their choice is. Letting Big Government in with the false so-called “competition” of two choices would soil the real competition of no competition.


This is my new favourite thing.


Building multiple networks to compete with each other is a waste of resources - in the fantasy world where each network is operated ideally without external motivation. When talking about the real world, and in particular private businesses with an incentive to cut corners, it’s a necessary evil to force them to do their job properly by being able to threaten to jump ship.


They will have a hard time luring me away from the local independent Bell company. I won’t even read TWC ads.


It should be, it’s the only thing you’ll get.


I can see it possibly harming small providers who need to compete against a giant, but that’s really more of an argument for preventing that giant from becoming even bigger…


I have two choices: telco DSL from a CO 1/2 mile away, and Cox cable. We switched recently to Cox because the telco was worse. I would be delighted if one of the four fibers that runs behind my house (not counting the Cox and telco cables) was another company offering competitive services.

I’d also be delighted if Cox didn’t send me an advertising envelope every month, urging me to subscribe to television.


RIGHT! I hate that with a passion that burns like a chunk of the Sun!



You only get one? Cox recently tore the roads up near my place for a week or so to run new lines, and now we get at least one envelope a week. Our best is two in the same day.

Thinking of putting up a sign with about a hundred of their envelopes attached to it that says “wasting all this paper really sucks Cox.”


Frankly, I don’t know why these companies are afraid of a little competition. They don’t even have to change.

I mean, the market must wide open for the “Ryanair” of the internet services…

I really loved the hilarious DirecTV commercials that were making fun of all the cable companies getting bought out by “big cable”. I thought they were especially hilarious as I drove past the DirecTV building in El Segundo as the big AT&T logo was installed in place of the DirecTV one.

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[quote=“blueprint1034, post:2, topic:79734, full:true”]…Seems to me like a little competition did exactly what it was supposed to do.

And that’s why they hate / fear / lobby against / defame it

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Seems like Internet is an essential service like water or electricity.

Seems like there should be policies protecting public access to quality service at reasonable prices.

Seems like there’s only one political party in the US not actively fighting against consumer interests here.


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