Report: Comcast to acquire Time Warner Cable at $159 a share in all-stock deal


Comcast used to own me, then they sold me to TWC, now they buy me back.


In what analysts are calling an atypically brazen move, company lawyers are expected to argue in favor of FTC approval on the grounds that ‘in the absence of competition, a merger can hardly be anticompetitive, can it?’


Seems to me, Cable’s real competition, when it comes to internet service, is wireless. Right now, I’ve got Comcast at work and home and a T-Mobile phone. I’m often getting more bandwidth from the phone than the hard-wire. It makes me think seriously about switching to the phone for bandwidth and dropping the hardwired cable the same way I’ve dropped my home phone line.


…Timely example: David Cohen, Comcast’s head of lobbying, corporate communications, etc was a guest at the WH state dinner last night.

… David Cohen, Comcast’s Ambassador to Washington …


somebody call the fcc and ftc


What a fucking joke.

Is the new company going to call itself Zorg?


Yea, wasn’t it awesome when there were agencies that enforced the law?


As a google fiber customer I was getting a bit paranoid about google’s tracking stuff, but holy crap I will take the most paranoid conspiracy theorists creepiest google actions over this abomination.


Btw bitching at FTC & FCC is in appropriate at the moment, they haven’t signed off on this yet. They typically aren’t involved until after the announce the plan.

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I just don’t see how this changes much. Comcast and Time Warner do not compete. They operate in different geographic ares. All it really does is change from one kind of monopoly to another kind of monopoly. For practical purposes, any given person only ever had one option. Changing the name of that option doesn’t really change anything much that I can see.


And now they don’t have to compete to grow their market. Ain’t it wonderful?


I considered that as well, since my tmobile 4g seems to pull about 1.5x the speed as my Comcast, until I saw the part about the 9GB/mo. max (up to 18GB plans available, but you have to call to get the price that I’m pretty sure I want nothing to do with) I don’t think that the cell companies have the capacity for everyone to do that.

These megamergers benefit megalomaniacs and screw consumers.

The next idiot that says there’s a free market at play in the USA gets smacked. These oligopolies are corporate communism and as far away from competitive free enterprise as you can get.



Ain’t it funny how allocating $10 million to a food aid program is “goddamn socialism” that will destroy the very fabric of our country, but letting the two largest companies in their industry consolidate and reduce choice for the consumer is just business?


My TWC/Roadrunner cable internet is currently very good. Fast down, fast up, no caps. Sure, I’m paying $50/mo for it, but I think it’s worth it for just downloading whatever I want whenever I want in a reasonable timeframe.

If Comcast takes over that is extremely likely to go in the shitter. That’s what I’m very afraid will change.


That’s a perfectly valid point, but its also appropriate at this time to draw the parallel to the Bell system and regulate those fuckers like a public utility.


The Bell system was a government-granted nationwide monopoly even worse than Comcast and TWC - at least they have some competition. Why on earth would you want to make things worse?

And the idea that this merger will face a “tough” review by the FCC is laughable. These people are the FCC. The FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, was a cable lobbyist for years before donating tens of thousands of dollars to the Obama campaign and securing the nomination.

AT&T and Comcast are ecstatic about the FCC’s new chairman

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[quote=“jim1234, post:4, topic:22659”]
Seems to me, Cable’s real competition, when it comes to internet service, is wireless.
[/quote]So, Comcast will only have competition when I’m near a Starbucks?

Tens of thousands of dollars? That must be one of the best ROIs in history!