Cable operator Fidelity Communications admits it that secretly created the fake-grassroots "Stop City-Funded Internet" campaign to kill Missouri municipal net

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I don’t see why this is even surprising any more. Is there any industry left anywhere with more than three competitors? I lived in Philadelphia when Comcast purchased the City Council, and then put a stop to municipal WiFi, which they said everybody hated. That left a whole lot of poors with no internet except the library.

But at least Comcast was profitable.

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Ah, yes, the Earthlink project. I remember those brief months. Seemed like a good idea, but with Kabletown’s second tower going up now it’s clear it couldn’t have lasted.

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The idea that a capitalist would try to scupper a ‘bad idea’ for the good of their customers is laughable. Oh, sure, suddenly my cable company, or ANY company, is on my side, looking out for me… suuuure, got any news on that bridge you’re selling me?

We have a national glut of lawyers. Some of them believe in social justice. Why can’t a liberal billionaire set up a fund so scoundrels like Fidelity get their ***** sued off, as they so richly deserve?

If you believe the hype, George Soros is behind everything liberal happening in the world.

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