Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, comes out on the cover of Vanity Fair


It seems like she also wishes she’d done this years ago. I do appreciate that the timing is better than it would have been even just a few years ago given the major changes in attitudes toward LGBT people, but it’s a shame if that’s even part of the reason for doing it now.


My daughter is in her school’s GSA and has several trans friends. Even though we talk all the time about these issues, I still find that I do struggle with it where she is so naturally accepting.

I’ve been very interested in this story since it was breaking in the tabloids, as I think it precisely identifies this generational gap. She barely knows who Bruce Jenner is; I grew up with him as the personification of masculinity. I say, “HE WAS ON THE WHEATIES BOX!!!” but of course she has no idea what that means to my generation in the first place.

I think he is breaking ground and doing something great with the platform he has. I only ever watched the Kardashians when I was at the gym and they played in the locker room, but where I did see him on the show he seemed so weak. And now Caitlyn seems so strong.


Is it just me or does she look a lot like Priscilla Presley?


My oh my.

She’s a bit of a looker, isn’t she.

Good on her.


Somehow I was hoping for less photoshop but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.


This is very much in line with the visual style that Annie Leibowitz established throughout her career in the pre-digital age. I’d be surprised if there was NO photoshop involved just because virtually every image that goes to print gets digital color-correction and whatnot, but I also wouldn’t assume this image underwent any especially heavy manipulation.


Bruce Jenner was photoshopped quite disgracefully by InTouch– why shouldn’t Vanity Fair photoshop Caitlyn?


There’s not really a consistent expectation for how to refer to someone’s “pre-transition” gender. I think it varies based on the person. For example some transwomen think of their lives as being lived partly as men and then becoming a woman - and so expect to be called “he” in past tense, but others always identified as women, even when the rest of the world misgendered them as men, and so referring to their past self as “he” is just more misgendering.


Not the color correction etc but the waist seems a bit off? Rib shaving?


That waist seems totally believable to me considering it’s a world class athlete—in a corset. Plus lenses, posing, lighting, etc. Hell, even I could probably look reasonably good for the camera if I had a team of professional stylists and only had to suck it in for the duration of a shutter click.


I imagine most trans people would prefer to transition sooner than they did/do/will, given the nature of dysphoria.


I think we need some sort of semipublic ritual to mark the transition, or at least recognize coming out as such- Kind of how a wedding marks the change from “Miss” to “Mrs”, or a bar mitzvah marks the change from “Master” to “Mister”.

My own transgender friends describe it as dying and being reborn, so I kind of feel like the past/present thing has a certain legitimacy. eg: Bradley Manning leaked classified documents while Chelsea Manning is in prison for it; or my friend was a father before she changed her name.


This was my only surprise, that she is not Kaitlyn-with-a-K.


Well, the “K” thing was more Kris’ thing, and I feel Caitlyn is trying to separate herself from Kris now that they’re split, so it doesn’t really surprise me at all.

As for the photoshop… Her face does look a little bit 'shopped (particularly around the eyes) but I’m actually quite surprised at the restraint they showed here. Visible wrinkles, laugh lines, crow’s feet and loose skin? What kind of mass-market magazine cover is this?

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Well, she is now requesting we call her by Caitlyn as well as use she/her pronouns. Seems pretty easy enough to honor her wishes.


Caitlyn is a pretty name, so now we can use a totally feminine association with her.

ALL THE BEST to her. This is good news for the Trans Movement–as more education will surface–which is long overdue and much needed. Kudos for the informative article.

Few Trans people may use her as a role model, however–considering previously posted blogs and reader comments. Many Trans people wear their battle scars proudly: having figuratively fought long and bravely for them.

I think the portrait is a bit over-the-top with Photoshop–but we ARE looking at the cover of a Fashion magazine. As a Portrait photographer and Trans myself, I’m envious of Annie’s opportunity and I laud her ongoing work.



Sweet, I’m betting that the “Transmitzvahs” will be a hell of a lot more fun than your average bar or bat mitzvah!

Or maybe “Trans-ceanera” (sorry don’t know how to put tildes over letters)…

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