Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, comes out on the cover of Vanity Fair


Well, she is now requesting we call her by Caitlyn as well as use she/her pronouns. Seems pretty easy enough to honor her wishes.


Caitlyn is a pretty name, so now we can use a totally feminine association with her.

ALL THE BEST to her. This is good news for the Trans Movement–as more education will surface–which is long overdue and much needed. Kudos for the informative article.

Few Trans people may use her as a role model, however–considering previously posted blogs and reader comments. Many Trans people wear their battle scars proudly: having figuratively fought long and bravely for them.

I think the portrait is a bit over-the-top with Photoshop–but we ARE looking at the cover of a Fashion magazine. As a Portrait photographer and Trans myself, I’m envious of Annie’s opportunity and I laud her ongoing work.



Sweet, I’m betting that the “Transmitzvahs” will be a hell of a lot more fun than your average bar or bat mitzvah!

Or maybe “Trans-ceanera” (sorry don’t know how to put tildes over letters)…


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