California diner Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe 'fails'

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As a former Pixar employee (Rudy’s is a block or so away) this is a real bummer. It was a frequent and well-loved lunch spot.

It’s been observed elsewhere that Rudy’s has been open 20 years. Signs points to two causes of the shutdown: burnout from the owners (fair enough) or a lease expiring and a rent increase making the business non-viable.


A diner is just too good to be true in a dense urban environment. Plenty of seating, generous booth space, big plates of hearty, inexpensive food and the implicit culture that it’s ok to hang out and drink bottomless coffee. That kind of humbleness and generosity just can’t survive cutthroat real estate environments. Mourning the loss of Odessa in lower Manhattan too…


My wife and I used to go to the one in Oakland and it was a damn shame when they closed their doors as well. It opened early and stayed open late so it was popular with everyone working the swing shifts. Nothing like a drink and some breakfast after a long night shift.

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Came here to make a crass Guiliani joke but I just can’t do it. Sounds like this place was well-loved and earned it. Sad to hear of another local favorite going away.

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