Iconic puerco-cannibalistic barbecue joint sign for sale


Not to be a negative Nancy, but I ate at this particular restaurant several months ago. It was some of the worst BBQ I had ever eaten.

I hate to see a local restaurant close, but thankfully there have been several excellent BBQ joints open in central Virginia in the past few years.

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Always fun having local RVA news pop up on boingboing. That restaurant was a staple when I was working at the Greyhound terminal a block away, but as soon as I had ANY other option closer, I took it.

Nostalgia gets you far, but that place was just sad.


I remember Bill’s well from growing up. When I was a teenager volunteering at McGuire Hospital, my step-dad would come pick me up (my mom too) and we would stop and get dinner. Can’t vouch for recent quality, but it was a real local establishment and good at the time.

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Eat of my flesh, that you might have eternal life.


If it is anything like my neighborhood, it will be replaced by a bank, a pharmacy, and a bunch of empty retail space. Then the sign will be bought and put into storage by the city in hopes to one day open a museum costing millioms of dollars.

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Maybe Aaron Drapling would like this one too. As long as the typeface isn’t Blippo Bold.

Judging by the size I’d say it could fit one of those things.

Being on a corner I’d most likely go with a Walgreen’s or CVS, assuming there isn’t one in a 1/2 mile radius.

But yes where I live as well any good strip mall will contain:

  • a least one oriental take out place
  • a nail salon
  • probably a third party cell phone place (or if in a busy/nice area a major carrier)

and the one anchor store which would entirely depend on the local economic area to how nice it is. The rest of the spots will remain empty for 3 to 5 years until a never ending assortment of businesses moves through ending in roughly 15 years when a newer and “better” area is developed a mile down the road.

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I had a similar experience, being taken here as a kid after soccer or swim team practice for a limeade. But of course the plethora of alternatives (Buzz & Neds just south on Boulevard) must have just destroyed them… Shame to see it go, but on the upside it is going because the competing fare is stronger than the nostalgia and that’s probably a good thing at the end of the day…

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