California enacts law expanding legal protection for journalists


The new law, which takes effect on Jan. 1, will require any government agency or individual to provide five days’ notice to reporters and their news organizations before seeking a subpoena of journalistic information from a third party, such as an internet service provider or cell phone company.

I’m still not sure I understand who is and who isn’t protected by this law outside of the CA part.

Is a video content producer that receives a substantial portion of their income from youtube a protected journalist?

OKAY. NOW I am glad I worked on Jerry’s campaign for President back in 1992.

The man is a decent and capable leader and governor. $10/hr minimum wage AND NOW THIS.

After Gov.Schnitengrabber, I’m proud to be a Californian again.

Oh! So they are going to offer 4th and 5th Amendment protection to a special class of the influential companies that they will not offer to the masses–because offering them to everyone would be stupid, right? So do I have to register as a journalist to receive protection under the law? So I can hand in my 1st Amendment protection as well. I can hear civil liberties organizations writing up their Equal Protection law suits from here.
Why doesn’t Boing Boing get it?

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