Sony sends pre-emptive threat letter to journalists



Sony against the news. At least we know where they stand.

Wait, did the narrative change? I thought the Sony Leak was via ex-employees and the North Korea story was pure politics.


Sony investors take note, Thomas Rothman is captain of the fail boat.

Writing about the hack completely subverts the First Amendment:

  1. Journalist discusses hack in print.
  2. Sony revs up legal department.
  3. News outlet sued into oblivion.
  4. Sony lobbies Congress.
  5. Congress passes No Sony Bad Journo Act.
  6. What First Amendment?

It’s all the journalists’ fault, see?

Im kind of torn. I dont believe stolen celebrity pictures should be distributed, I dont believe Sony’s stolen property should be distributed, but I do want to know every detail of the terrible things my government does, whether stolen or not.

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Awwwwwww that’s adorable. It looks like Sony Pictures are still trying to figure out the internet

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