California governor Gavin Newsom vetoes law that would have capped price of insulin

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Yet more proof.

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It’s amazing how quickly he’s blown any chance of me voting for him in a presidential primary.


He wants those pharma campaign contributions.


I’ll be supporting Whitmer or Pritzker in the 2028 primary. No way I would ever support Mr Kimberly Guilfoyle.


That aspect isn’t great, but it isn’t as if flat dollar amount price caps have a long history of success.


But then it has to pass through a food chain where every step is dedicated to taking profit, and the attitude that if you’re not dead, then you have money that rightfully belongs to their shareholders.



What is wrong with him this week? It’s like he got a conservative brain transplant.


When a person with no power says they won’t bother trying to improve things because it won’t make a difference, it’s frustrating. But when a person that has the power to directly make a difference just by signing a damn form says that he won’t do anything to limit pharma price gouging because if he did, the companies would just take people’s money in a different way:

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Maybe stop insulin price-gouging now, and then immediately work on the price-gouging of health insurance premiums next


Did somebody get a little bit of campaign “grease”??.

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The law is unnecessary, Newsom says, because the government insulin is going to be cheap and a price cap would encourage insurers to cheat by moving the cost to premiums.

“going to be” – when? I went to the CalRx website to see if it said anything about when this government-provided insulin would be available. I didn’t see anything about the time frame.

Given that there’s government bureaucracy involved, I suspect this government insulin won’t be available for at least 5 or 10 years. What does Mr. Newsom intend diabetics in California are supposed to do until then?

From the little I read about it, the goal of the CalRx initiative sounds like a good thing. But if it’s being used to justify not doing something concretely good now in favor of nebulous future good, do better Mr. Newsom.


Illinoisian here…I have been so pleasently surprised at how Pritzker has turned out…when he first ran, I was like, “great another billionaire running for office for vanity,” and yet, he’s turned out to be one of the best governors we’ve ever had.

I will definately be supporting him when, not if, he goes up for President.

Ditto. That and the pandering to chauvinists by vetoing the bill outlawing caste discrimination.


dude is losing my vote !

Good ol Governor Haircut. Last year he vetoed a bill that would have re-instated automatic pay increases for CSU employees.

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And he’s superb on the stump.

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