California robber returns cash


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From the article:

Watson says the weapon turned out to be a BB gun, which officers haven’t found.
Abbott was booked into jail on $50,000 bail.

I know he can’t go completely unpunished, but that amount of bail seems excessive. Shouldn’t there be some leniency in this case, given the circumstances? I know I’m working with very little information here but this guy hardly seems like a flight risk. Unless $50,000 is lenient. That would be pretty depressing.

Not that I necessarily disagree with you here, but to play the devil’s advocate - he did say he wanted the cash to “leave town for a fresh start”. This demonstrates both the immediate drive to leave town, and the mindset that he can run away from his issues.

Yes I’m stretching it, and I can’t assume to know the nature of his issues. But I can understand flight risk there.

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If they haven’t found the BB gun, then they have only his word that it was actually a BB gun. And since he tried to rob people with it, they are not likely to consider him credible. The use of any gun makes it a violent crime. $50,000 is not unusual for this sort of thing.

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That’s a fair point–and I was making some pretty big assumptions without any evidence. The bail amount could have been based on several factors. I wonder what motivated his desire to “leave town for a fresh start”. Perhaps he was alluding to other problems that played a factor in his bail amount–although that’s even wilder speculation on my part.

And as @popobawa4u pointed out we really don’t know what kind of weapon he was carrying. So the court could be simply erring on the side of caution.


This sort of thing happens a bit more frequently than you might think.

Now wondering if anyone else out there, about to give themselves up for something, is all “Okaaay, naaah.”

Ever been to Eureka? Small town.

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