California school punished kids for "mess in the gym" by making them sit outside in record heat

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FTFY. A beating with a rubber hose or other hard but padded object can easily maim or even be fatal.


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Thank you! I thought at first this must be a repeat of that earlier story, because of course this couldn’t be a thing that happens all over the place, but, nope. Whole new example.

In this one, why were they eating in the gym in the first place? Cynical me immediately thinks there probably weren’t adequate facilities, like trash and recycling bins around, since gyms aren’t typically fitted out to serve meals to middle schoolers if they’re also being used as gyms the rest of the school day. Like @cannibalpeas mentioned, seems like a typical case of setting the kids up to fail (I.e., “make a mess”) then punishing them for it. Dangerously.


So, what was wrong with having the kids clean up their own mess?


Many schools don’t have separate gyms and cafeterias-so the tables come out for lunch and are folded up after. It would be nice to know just what kind of a mess they are talking about here, not that the punishment was even remotely acceptable. When I and my brothers were in middle school, if there was ever a food fight the principal would start by saying “you, you, you and Baker’s brother, into my office!” He was, alas, usually correct in his assumption.


Our kids’ school went with split lunch because of the pandemic. Some grades have lunch in the cafeteria, others in the gym and others in the auditorium. Perhaps that’s why?

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As a side note, I didn’t have AC (in school) until highschool. I can remember being in class with a heat index of 100F and trying to learn. I’m not saying that makes any of this right, but AC is a first world privilege. Your right is not to be put in a dangerous situation.

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