California teacher suspended after doing horribly racist and mocking "Native American dance" to teach math concepts

Well I mean if you acknowledge the brutality of colonialism in the Americas then people might feel negatively about the legacy of colonialism in the world… soo



id assume it comes down to class sizes, funding, and how much flexibility teachers have in teaching

american schools are funded by a mix of property tax and state taxes, but almost always poorer areas get less funding, larger school and class sizes.

after i left school testing became a big thing, don’t know if it still is, so kids were learning specific facts for specific tests - with funding and teacher pay partially based on performance - and with that there’s not a lot of free form play and discussion

that highschool doesn’t seem overly crowded. less than 3000 kids, 22 kids per teacher, and 9k of spending per student ( which seems good )

but then 75% of the kids are on free and reduced lunch programs - so that’s probably where all the money is going

it’s also 70% hispanic - noting that this teacher is white - and ranked on the lowish side of middle statewide. meanwhile, there are 11 highschools (!) in the district and some are ranked near the top statewide.

in fact the district has a stem hs ranked by that site as the best school in california - with only 650 students though, an equal mix of white, hispanic, and asian kids, and only 30% on meal plans

the imbalance there makes me think segregation and therefore funding and attention are at the heart of it

i don’t know how canada fairs. maybe less poverty overall, less packing of minority students into certain schools, maybe more equal funding across schools? maybe less focus on metrics and more on learning?

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Wait. What the fuck?


This utter garbage is a textbook (sorry) example of the fallacy of “teaching both sides” of an controversy. One begins the lesson with the assumption that the winners in the conflict were entitled to their victory. Any discussion concerns whether the winners granted the losers too much or too little. Since the determined settlers were going to kick native people off their lands anyway, the question isn’t whether they had the right to do so but what to do with the inconvenient natives left over after the off-kicking. Should We have Americanized Them better? Provided more off-reservation jobs in Wild West shows? Or are They just belly-aching, since the reservations offered Them economic self-sufficiency?

Now that the British school has withdrawn the textbooks, I’m sure they’ll have no trouble reselling them to school districts in Texas, Oklahoma, etc. etc.


“Black people hated it when those savage Indians won the right to vote, but luckily some kind-hearted Americans like Buffalo Bill hired them to present a parody of their heritage as a form of entertainment for white people. In conclusion, Genocide: a necessary evil or a necessary good? You decide!


On Old Olympus Towering Top A Famous Vocal German Viewed Some Hops


1924, with passage of the Snyder Act. Legally, long after the 15th amendment, but the 1920s were also molested by the Klan, so lots of government officials were deciding that the 15th amendment didn’t matter.


This is the most complicated one ever. All the parts are split into different parts of the sentence. So you can’t even chunk it in your mind (like: what’s the O over A one…? Oh yeah, -TOA).

This would be like doing “Mercury Venus Earth…” as “My Entirely Jiggly Underwear Vibrated Movingly Sunday Night” and just remembering that you have to take the back four and interleave them with the front four.


It’s easy to remember, if you can remember this objectively more complicated thing!


Hey google, define Ignotum per ignotius.

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Jesus fucking Christ.


By Becoming Revolutionary Orators, Young Girls Become Very Great Women! (Really Good Speakers!)


Regarding acronyms (rather than the original topic)…

I don’t remember being taught any acronyms in high school subjects (lo, these 50 years ago). Which either means I wasn’t taught 'em or they didn’t stick.

By comparison, I vividly recall my physics teacher, marching back and forth and banging on a plastic wastebasket, chanting “subtrahend to minuend!” I don’t think that was based on any ethnic anything (I hope it wasn’t!)

So I vote for chanting over acronyms, when it comes to memorization.

I hope to goodness you aren’t advocating for what this teacher did, in an odd “ends justify means” way? Because it kinda sounds like you are.


yeah absolutely, I’m from Massachusetts and just about every childhood memory of natives is steeped in racism… the logo for the statewide highway (phased out through the 90s) is another banner example

Wikipedia seems to indicate there’s some debate about why it was changed. Apparently it may have been because the arrow was confused as indicating direction and not because of native complaints, which certainly seems believable and very :man_facepalming:


A very kind music teacher of mine once suggested putting things we wished to memorize to the melody of popular songs or songs we liked. I’ve used that to memorize things ever since and it works really well if one is inclined to remember melody and rhythm well at all.

Most impressively… it doesn’t require doing a clownish impersonation of a native person!


Change the hat with an arrow to a smallpox blanket. No more confusion.


Totally! I can still list the US States in alphabetical order thanks to the oh-so-catchy “50 Nifty United States” song we learned in 5th grade.
They Might be Giants did great stuff with this notion, too.

Ooooh, @DonatellaNobody …dark. That’s dark.


Which state is West Xylophone again?


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