California town smells like "rotten eggs, vomit, farts, and body odor"

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Hydrogen Sulfide gas?

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Climate change stinks.


Carson council member Jawane Hilton is saying such an incident would have received a faster response and would have been taken care had it happened in a whiter, more affluent community.

Yep. London didn’t decide to finally do something about their sewer and lack of clean water problems until there was a drought and a the Thames dried up and there was a stench that overcame Parliament.


That’s just science kids, nothing to see here, but plenty to smell.


It really seems as though old Hegel, in the guise of the World Spirit, were directing history from the grave and, with the greatest conscientiousness, causing everything to be re-enacted twice over, once as grand tragedy and the second time as rotten farce

Friedrich Engels, 3 December 1851


So history repeating? Is the water at least not giving people parasites?

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I work near this area in Rancho Dominguez Hills (also known as Compton) and confirm said stench. Even with my windows up, the vents closed and the recirculation on, my morning commute is filled with the aroma of other people’s leavings.


My office is in Carson and we’re located near a corporate nursery and what used to be a landfill. Our office has a constant mildly unpleasant smell. The owner’s wife, who dropped by maybe five hrs/week, would buy those awful plug-ins to mask the smell. Instead it gave us all headaches.

I’m so happy to be working from home with the additional stench.


Certain communities just get shit on all the time -


totally expecting this to say San Jose… i am shocked

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Can confirm this verification. Drove up to visit Dad last weekend with the kidlet, passed through this area, and the “blaming each other for farting in the car” jokes got real old real fast.


It’s amazing just how far bad smells can travel- there’s a marijuana dispensary near one of the freeways, and there’s something going on with it, because the skunk smell of too much mary jane can be detected almost a quarter mile downwind of the place.

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There’s also a ginormous refinery in Carson. When the erstwhile San Diego Chargers were considering moving there (to a joint stadium with the erstwhile Oakland Raiders) I thought they should change their name to the Carson Refiners, but alas it was not to be. Now they’re the Los Angeles Absquatulators.


Remind me to never buy an Exide product.

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It doesn’t help that the stink is right around the delightful refinery either… That area never smells good, even on a non built-up-decaying-organic-matter day…


My daughter’s gonna be playing at that Dignity Health field in Carson. Is the stench making its way up that way too?

I followed that canal north on Maps, and it abruptly ends in some neighborhood, here:
33.928999, -118.338347
It goes underground, but from there, I can’t find where it continues (I’m sure I was following it upstream, but still, what’s the source, hundreds or thousands of storm drains?)


Not gonna lie, I thought this was gonna be a repost of when the BART filled up with poo poo

That’s about it, yes.

Dominguez Channel

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Whenever a neighbor is growing and the wind is right, I can smell delicious ganja while standing on my back porch. No objections.