2017 already stinks for people of San Francisco


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The weird thing is…


I kind of enjoy a sulphur smell. I’d generally be glad it doesn’t smell like feces or a paper mill.


As a rule stay out’a New Jersey then…


Huh. I kinda like the smell of skunks, but sulfur? I’m with Bugs Bunny and Billie Burke on that one.


100% this. I’ve lived near one of those.


Did you two set this up?

Also poultry processing plants. Gah.


I left my fart in San Francisco. :notes:


Richmond refinery is 10 miles due north from downtown S.F. Looking at weather charts the winds were mostly from the east – any southward wind track was followed by eastward, which would most likely bring the stench to Berkeley/Oakland. I lived in the Bay Area (including peninsula and East Bay) for a few years and never picked up refinery smell.

There were heavy rains earlier in the month, no large temperature shifts, etc. might rule out anaerobic bacterial blooms in the older, mixed-use portions of the sewage system. But that sewage system is so large and complex who knows what nooks and crannies are just packed full with kitchen grease and feces, the perfect combination of seething fetid reek. Maybe a big plug of grease became dislodged somewhere, releasing a torrid flow of septic miasma.

Typically also, flaring of waste gases from refineries, landfills, and treatment plants burns off most of the hydrogen sulfide, leaving only a trace huff of jenkem – nothing that would linger over entire city regions.


Hmm… maybe one of the bubbles I keep hearing about whenever San Francisco is mentioned finally burst?


Refineries ussually burn that stuff at night so as not to attract attention


Jersey even exports it smells.



Could it be the sign that an earthquake is in the works?


This kind of reminds me of that mysterious sound at night, wherever that was, making people very ill and could not be located.


My wife and I spent a couple of months in a small town in Asia that was known for its natural hot springs, and it didn’t take too long before I was enjoying that smell too - and it was EVERYWHERE.

One smell I don’t enjoy is from the cereal mills in the US Midwest where they processed locally-grown grains into something nasty.


If you go down to San Francisco, be sure to wear a gasmask for the air.


… don’t drink the water, and don’t breathe the air! :notes:


Wear a gas mask and a veil, then you can breathe, 'long as you don’t inhale!


They should petition Emperor Norton to do something.


Nobody ever suspects actual rotten eggs.