California woman who stole $4,000 bottle of cognac from bar won’t be charged

I dunno, the woman is stealing booze. Not like she lifted a loaf of bread and a can of stew to feed the kids. I suspect she intended to use it on herself until discovering the serious level of value.

I have to imagine this wasn’t her first lift. I am a bit surprised the bar didn’t have that sort of thing in a locked cabinet.

"There is no need for virtue when there is no temptation:. seems applicable.

I said “likely” because usually when someone commits a crime like this at her age it isn’t their first time making a similarly stupid mistake. Hopefully that hunch is wrong and this was really a one-time thing that was wholly out of character with her other life choices. Either way, I agree with the bar owner that sending her to prison probably wouldn’t be the best solution.

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Heh, don’t look into what some bottles of whisky cost…

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