Refusing to bow to airport liquids ban, woman drinks bottle of cognac

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My uncle did this with a bottle of gin. Passed out, woke up in hospital, holiday ruined.


Maybe, and I’m just saying maybe, she has a problem.


We all have a problem. The problem is a vast excess of worthless “security” measures we for some reason did not yet rise up against. We just keep accepting the worsening of the overall situation.


Sure. That’s true.
But when your response is to sit down and drink the entire bottle of cognac, there may also be other problems in play.


One time after a series of events I ended up at an airport with a third of a bottle of rum in my carry-on I had forgotten about.

While I haaate security theater, I still have a rule for myself: do something super stoopid, you are banned. Haven’t had rum since. And the TSA treated the container literally like a dirty bomb.


I want to party with that chick, bigtime!


I’m with @Papasan – my problem is I can’t find women like this to travel with.


You just don’t know the right women…bummer.

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Isn’t that what I just said?

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Bummer because you don’t already know them.


This wouldn’t be a news story if it was a 1-oz bottle.

Once again, the missed opportunity is a FedEx kiosk alongside the security checkpoint, where travelers can mail things forward to their destination, or home to themselves. There must be a lot of things now that are legal to ship by courier but which are forbidden by airline security theater. Liquids, nail clippers, pocket knives, etc.


Recently had a bottle of pasta sauce confiscated. Chugged it :wink:


They won’t ship booze, even if you are shipping it to yourself all kinds of federal tax law hassle for that.

Pocket knives I know they ship with whoever it is they contract out to as I have had to do that twice. On the plus side since I immediately said oh crap sorry where do I go mail this back to myself they politely pointed to the kiosk and let me jump back to the front of the line.

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In retrospect, covering myself with that entire bottle of sunscreen was not worth the temporary satisfaction.


This is not applicable for the airport scenario, but can such restrictions be worked around by pouring the liquid into another, non-booze-looking container and labeling it as e.g. a solvent or anything else that has less hassle associated?

I have never tried that. The only time I wanted to ship some home while on vacation it was easier just to put the bottle in the checked luggage.
I did look into it recently and basically now the shop you buy it from needs to do the shipping you can’t just do it yourself.

Carried six cans of Guinness in my carry-on luggage. For some reason it didn’t set off any alarms, so I did what any decent, reasonable, law-abiding person would do.

“Anything to declare?”


“Move along.”


Can you pour the booze into the requisite number of ziplock quart size baggies, or do you need a second container inside the baggie?