Californian authorities are worried about General Sherman catching fire

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General Sherman to burn in fire.

People of Atlanta:
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Um… not all ATLiens, thanks…


That photo of the decimated giant sequoias makes me want to cry. Sequoia and Kings Canyon NPs were where my family spent our summers while I was growing up. Most families drove over to the coast, but my parents had a shared ownership of a very, very rustic cabin in Kings Canyon and we’d spend a few weeks and many weekends each summer up there.


For most of the time our species has been on this planet it was nigh impossible to destroy a giant sequoia by fire. That’s one of the reasons they can survive thousands of years. Now we’ve cut down 95% of the old growth redwoods and may lose the remaining few to climate change. What a time to be alive.





The photos of burned sequoias I’ve been seeing in the news on NPR and the like are mostly from Alder Creek Grove, where the Castle fire burned last year. Not that it’s any less tragic for the trees or for the planet, but most of the Sequoias lost last year were outside of park boundaries.

I just spent several days in Kings Canyon and Sequoia, and the main sections of the parks were as beautiful as ever. Fingers crossed that the next few days don’t change that…

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I saw an impressive example on a hike a couple weeks ago that had been completely hollowed out and perforated by fire but was still alive. Also I’m pretty sure it must be inhabited by elves or hobbits based on the doorway that led into it.


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