California Fires: 83% of Santa Monica Mountains federal parkland burned by Woolsey Fire

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Next come the mud slides when the rain hits.


Such pessimism. Why doesn’t the headline read:

Woolsey Fire didn’t burn 17% of Santa Monica Mountains open space park land

So sue me, I’m just a glass-1/6-full kind of guy.


I spent a few years in that area. I don’t know what to say. This is just tragic.

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I have some friends who live near Paramount Ranch in the voluntary evacuation zone. I’m told they left a few days ago but there’s still a real chance they might lose their home. Very disturbing to say the least.

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Not the first time fire hit the M.A.S.H set. I think they had to rework the final episode because of fire. If I remember right, they just added into the plot and kept going.

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There are two agencies now, the SMMC and the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority. I worked briefly and simultaneously for both of them. Joe Edmiston is a brilliant navigator, acquiring land parcels through bargaining, market timing, swaps (I believe) and sheer luck. The land overlaps and intersects with numerous agencies, municipalities, counties, state and federal jurisdictions with guidance/approval of a massive board representing all of them. He ends up schooling legislators in efficient legislative process. While I’ve joked here about the Streisand Effect, actually Barbra Streisand donated a massive multi-home property she owned to the conservancy and this is where they have housed their offices. They face difficult choices about maintaining the homes as they will not squander tax resources on those. Paramount Ranch was seen as kind of the crown jewel for visitors, but the real value is in this massive amount of set aside habitat. I hope they’ll set up fire recovery study/exhibit centers as nature seems to recover from these events more quickly and in more interesting ways than we humans expect it to.


This is heartbreaking. And horrifying.

But also just consequence for our hubris in thinking we could control nature.

The percentage that struck me in a news article, was the mayor or Paradise saying that the Camp Fire destroyed 90% of their residential area.

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