Government shutdown puts national parks in nightmare mode

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I took the opportunity to go into Yosemite for free. No one is collecting garbage. I saw a couple of four wheelers running around the valley. But I think the cold kept many away and it wasn’t a total nightmare.


Prior to Trump’s government shutdown, we planned a tour of Utah national parks for the week of December 22-30. To say that these parks were “open” would be technically accurate, but in many cases it would be an inadequate description of what was available.

For example:

Arches National Park was open except for the visitor center and lack of ranger supervision (as with all parks on our trip). No problem there. Sure, there were people letting their dogs defecate on trails, flying noisy drones all over the place, and building cairns everywhere (all prohibited by park rules), but that was more annoying than destructive.

Canyonlands National Park was open also. Of course if someone fell into a canyon or was otherwise injured, a long time would pass before they could get help – no cell phone reception in that area, and the nearest town was 45 minutes away at top speed.

Capitol Reef National Park was a different story. Although the main road through the park was open (since it’s a connecting state highway), the scenic road through this park was closed, specifically because of Trump’s shutdown. From online descriptions and the reports from my acquaintances, the Capitol Reef scenic road represents more than half of the best views of this park.

Bryce Canyon National Park was open only from its entrance up to Sunset Point, cutting off more than 80% of the park to drivers. While it was feasible for us to hike as far as Bryce Point, giving us a better view of this amazing landscape, most park visitors didn’t have the stamina or equipment to get that far. (Trails were covered with ice and snow, so crampons were mandatory. I watched more than one idiot in street shoes almost slide off a cliff.)


What a fucking moron.

My 91 year old grandma is both more coherent and a better deal maker than this fucking Mussolini junior.


Because clearly the national parks have no purpose to Trump other than to entertain the guests. The staff are just getting in the way of people’s enjoyment.


I’d like to believe that the collective noun for four-wheelers is a total nightmare of four-wheelers.

Conversely, how many four wheelers would have to be there for you to consider it a total nightmare.

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The parks are such a small amount of money spent in comparison to what is spent to blow shit up.


To be honest I don’t think he even understands the parks’ appeal on that front. His sons might enjoy taking vacations structured around shooting exotic wildlife, but the closest he’s ever come to experiencing nature himself has been chasing down the odd golf ball.


Is Trump really ascending that slope, or has it been tilted like a Batman TV show climbing sequence?


I just hope he gets eaten by an alligator at mar a lago one of these days.


FYI: The state of Utah provided money to keep these parks open through the new year in consideration of the effect on the local economy. They have announced no more funds now and the parks are expected to close soon. (no clearing snow off roads)
Arizona is continuing to fund Grand Canyon and NY will continue to fund Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty for now.
If shutdowns continue there may be a serious push to hand over the parks to the states. Which right now sounds like a great idea.


The creation of the National Parks system is one of the best things the Federal Government has ever accomplished in my opinion. It would be sad to see it go, and frankly there are a lot of states that would find ways to fuck up the land if given half a chance.


Drumpf is perfectly willing to see this country go to hell if he can’t get what he wants. He’s a fucking 9 year old brat. GOD DAMN EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR THAT DICKHEAD.




Welcome to Under Armor Canyon, please enjoy your visit and be sure to stop by the mall.


The GW Parkway (DC / Va) is no longer being being patrolled by US Park Police. City and State PoPo have no jurisdiction there so, if you are in the area and want to “test drive” your favorite sports car or turbo Mini NOW’S the time. Just say’n.


Yosemite valley is pretty much a parking lot filled with cars, campers and people. So to see two kids riding around didn’t seem like much of a nightmare to me. If they were riding thru the meadows or off into the trails then yea that’s a problem. But tourists are kind of slobs around here and it doesn’t help that facilities are understaffed or non-existent. It’s a bigger problem in the winter when they come up to play in the snow.


I don’t get it. Why would they do things differently in this shutdown than they’ve done in every other shutdown? Surely Trump himself cannot be concerned with such minutae. So is it some highly dubious appointee? Or some member of “the resistunce” seeking to embarrass Trump as much as possible, regardless of what damage it might do?

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I’m sorry, but you have to be wearing at least two pieces of Under Armor apparel to see that view. Anything made by Nike is strictly prohibited beyond that gate.