Joshua Tree National Park to close because Trump's shutdown led to damage


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I like this idea of dumping the garbage on the whitehouse lawn. Can we maybe drain the portajohns onto the whitehouse lawn?

I mean, Trump has taken a swamp, made it bigger, and evolved it into a deeper cesspool of lies and filth. It would only be correct to make his lawn smell like his policies.


Great post. I spent New Years Eve and New Years Day at Joshua Tree. I did see garbage piling up. There have been locals that have taken it upon themselves to clean up the mess that visitors were leaving. That said, I saw a lot of people behaving very well, packing their own garbage out. It is one of my favorite places on the planet. I have to admit that the lack of crowds during a normally very busy time of year in the park was a treat. We hiked and scrambled in the Park. The idea that our petulant child of a president can hold our parks hostage in a vain attempt to get his immoral wall built is enraging. The locals that rely upon Park Visitors for their livelihood are the people that are truly impacted by this. These same locals, are the people who are trying their best to keep the park in its pristine state. I’m sorry to hear that it is closing but it sounds like it needs to happen.


Can we agree to dump this stuff at Trump Tower? The WH lawn is our lawn. Plus, that poor kid worked hard on it.


Maralago, and all his other favorite golf courses would be a better choice.


Nice performance and all, but litter is the least of our problems.


Yes, my Dear Wife and I filled 20 50 gallon bags and called it a day. Christmas Eve and Day were worse, but that’s America now, you get in free to the park and get to clean up after a-holes.


“Trump’s shutdown” seem too long. How about the Trumpdown?


Thanks for doing that! You are awesome. I did clean up some broken bottles and haul out the glass that I found out in the wonderland of rocks. Not that it was much, but better than nothing.


Whitehouse lawn may be ours, but I say making a show of it is for the good of us all.

Id hire Uncle Eddy Randy Quaid himself to run the pumps dumping it in the front lawn. A little sewage for a good cause. It’d be easier to clean up sewage on the front lawn than the resilient sewage living inside.

Anyone remember that guy who was shitting in the holes of his local golfcourse at night? Can we hire him to do Mar-a-lago? No really- nothing would get that fat rancid orange fuck’s attention quicker than reaching in to a hole for his golfball, only to be coated with raw sewage. Id PAY to watch that.


It’s not his shutdown. It’s the Republican Party’s shutdown. They could have and still can pass the funding bill and override his veto. They deliberately choose not to, ergo the Party is now in full ownership of the shutdown.


But Donald Downer was so insistent that he would be proud to take responsibility…


Obligatory re Trump from The Joshua Tree.


[Richter then prepares his readers for the inevitable onslaught of irate libertarians (and irate anarchists).]


Box of Joshua Tree Trash 2020

Still better than Trump.


I would imagine the security on Trump properties being pretty high. How about dumping the trash on the lawn of the nearest Trump superdonor instead? It probably be much closer and with less secret service agents breathing down the back of your neck


A reminder to all, there are a ton of other great sites nearby that aren’t in park boundaries (kelso dunes and “hole in the wall” are a couple that come to mind), so you can still visit the approximate area, support your favorite local businesses (three cheers for Edchada’s), and do fun desert stuff, even with the orange shitgibbon’s park closure.


Those are likely not “tourists” running over joshua trees, but the same Libertarian cranks who ICE Tesla charging stations.


I have driven through the Joshua Tree park. It looks like a fucking alien landscape.


I really don’t understand this shit. How people can get to that stage in life and solely run run on selfishness, spite and dickishness. In a lot of ways this is a form of anti-fandom.